Since 2022, I have been making wheel-thrown ceramics at a studio in sunny Los Angeles. I spend several hours making each unique piece, drawing from memory, intuition, spontaneity and something more that is indecipherable.

When I sit down at the wheel, a dance unfolds between my hands and the clay — capturing in physical form a singular expression of movement and harmony. It is a process that is incredibly therapeutic, heart-centered and humbling.

I hope you will find something beautiful or resonant to adorn your dearest spaces or gift to colleagues, friends and family. I am thrilled to share this journey with you.

Enjoy your visit!


“I’m in love. The weight, the feel, the beauty. I knew from your photos I would like the vase but I was not ready for the immense joy. Every now and again, I’ll see art I love, and this is one of those times.”