After prioritizing my career for two decades (largely from behind computer screens), in 2018, I left for Europe with a backpack and one-way ticket. With no real itinerary or objectives except to unplug and enjoy life, it turned out to be the trip of a lifetime, or rather, a lifetime of trips condensed into one year. 

From wandering among ancient olive tree groves in Puglia, witnessing glorious tulip fields blooming in the Netherlands, and standing atop the Acropolis, to spending ample time in museums, walking hundreds of miles through medieval cities, and swimming in Corsican seas — the experience profoundly changed me. I began to "indulge" in my dreams, including a heavenly month spent learning how to paint on a Greek Island. Stripped away from all the "shoulds," jam-packed calendar, endless inbox, and false notions about success, I reconnected with my essence and a renewed sense of purpose. 

With some fits and starts, I was ultimately inspired to attend to a first love of mine harkening back to childhood, and enrolled in a mixed-media arts program in Bath, England. While the UK countryside with its infinite walking trails, towering trees and storybook villages captured my heart, I returned to Los Angeles and went “all-in” with ceramics, establishing my pottery business in 2022. 

I am fascinated by the infinite creative possibilities afforded by clay, as well as the alchemical process of transforming supple earth into vessels that can last for thousands of years. Though nascent in my journey, it is a tradition that I am honored to contribute to fueled by the hope that my work will convey the beauty, presence and uniqueness of objects made by hand, while making your dearest spaces feel even more like home.

I also enjoy painting, and will periodically include works for sale on this site.

Prior, I worked across the public and private sectors spanning civil rights, urban and environmental policy, corporate ventures and technology development. I received a BA from Cornell University in history and MA from the University of Virginia in urban and environmental planning.